Yard Sale Tip #3 … Pricing!

Once you’ve started collecting items for your sale, you will want to start putting them in bins or boxes in order to easily carry the items out to your tables (or car if you are doing a yard sale somewhere other than your own home).

BUT WAIT!  Don’t just toss an item into the box or bin!  Does it need cleaned?  If it’s broken, is it an easy fix that you can do inexpensively to get more money for the item?  The only things that should go into your bins are items that are cleaned, priced, and ready to be set out on your sales tables. 

While on the subject of pricing, I implore you to not skip this step.  Even if you have no clue what to ask for the item, you MUST give a “ball park figure.”  You could put a price on the sticker with an O.B.O. (“or best offer”) after it.  This lets the customer know what you would like for the item, but also lets them know that it is not a price set in stone and you would be happy to negotiate. 

Why is this so important?  For one thing, you are going to be the star of the show on sale day.  Everyone is going to want your attention … especially right before and about an hour into your sale.  The question  … (How much do you want for this?) … will soon give you a headache.  Worse, if your attention is taken up by too many people trying to get your attention, potential buyers may just give up and leave.  Worse than THAT is that you may end up selling something for way less than you intended and end up with “Seller’s Remorse.”

Now, it may be tempting to search online to find your “ball park” figure.  Honestly, if you do this (especially if you are not willing to negotiate far from that price) you are just setting yourself up for disappointment.  Ask yourself instead … “If I were shopping for this item at a yard sale right now … what would I be willing to pay for it.”         

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