Yard Sale Tip #5 – Advertising

Advertising possibilities in this day and age are literally endless.  No longer are you limited by just putting a sign out on your mailbox the day of the sale and advertising in your local paper, local library, or the grocery store’s community bulletin board.  Social media alone will get your message out there to hundreds faster than the time it would take to make one phone call or poster board sign.

Use all of your social media outlets that you subscribe to as well as email, online groups you belong to, an ad in the local Pennysaver (slight fee) and Craig’s List (free). 


Put a sign in your yard the week before.  For everywhere else, the day or two before.  The reason for this is, most likely, your sale is going to be on a weekend (which I highly recommend – preferably on Saturday).  If am off and don’t have to go out on a weekend, I don’t.  So, I have a better chance at seeing your sign the day before not the day of.  I don’t know how many times I had to go out on a Saturday afternoon only to find out that a neighbor up the street was having a sale that day.  Had they put the signs up earlier in the week, they may have made many more sales off of myself and countless others in the neighborhood that may not have needed to venture out that day.  They probably would have had they known about your sale, however.

Virtual advertising is great, but you still want to have as many good old fashioned poster board size signs up around the area leading potential buyers to your sale.  You can put these up a day or two in advance as well so that people going back and forth to work will see the signs and possibly make a mental note to check it out that weekend.

If you’ve never put poster board signs up before, you may think they are huge and an eye sore.  However, when you are in a car that will be passing the sign at 25+ mph, that sign won’t seem huge at all!  Don’t waste the space on the poster either by putting the address.    

When it comes to signs for your sale … follow the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Silly) rule!  I know, I know that’s not what that usually stands for but I don’t like to think of people as being stupid.  I may do stupid things from time to time, but I am most assuredly not stupid … neither are you.

You only need three important pieces of information on your signs:

What? = Yard Sale / Huge Yard Sale / Multi-Family Yard Sale, etc.  Where? = Use LARGE arrows, not addresses or directions (they may not be able to read it all as they pass by).  Plus, if they don’t happen to have a GPS, an address isn’t going to do them any good unless they know the area well.  When? = Day, Date, and Time (starting and ending).

If you have had yard sales in the past or are a seasoned yard sale seller, what are some of your favorite tips for advertising or just selling in general?

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