OMG! I accidentally deleted EVERYTHING from my email account!

OMG! I just accidentally deleted EVERYTHING in my one email account!


Inbox, Spam, Sent, Trash … EVERYTHING!

But, you know what??? After I got over the initial panic over what I had done … I actually felt really good about it! So how does one accidentally delete EVERYTHING from an email account? Oh, it was super easy. You see, I got a smartphone (first one ever) for Mother’s Day, okay?  Last night, I figured how to program my email into it (which I thought was just fabulous). Well, I have two email accounts and the first one I was timidly playing around with it and decided to see if I deleted something from off of my phone, if it was totally gone or still in that email account on my laptop … it was! So, wanting to keep my new phone as clutter-free as possible … I went to town and deleted everything from BOTH accounts.

Only found out later when I was on my laptop that although it DOES keep everything in my main account, my secondary account was not so lucky. Everything was wiped out! As I said … huge, momentary panic … then … bliss! LOL!

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