Putting this Christmas away? Don’t forget to leave yourself a note!

Wow!  I can’t believe it’s time to take everything down already from the holidays.  If you are like me, you feel kind of torn … sad it’s over … but ready to reclaim your household, right?

Ready? … Set? … GO!

For me, it’s usually, “Okay, I have one free day off.  I’m going to take down ALL of the decorations and have them put away by the time the day is over!”  It’s all or bust and I try to go for the gusto every year.  However, what usually happens is that things get left out (usually something sentimental and priceless), or, I forget to write my note to myself for next Christmas.  Wait … what?  What note?


How many times have you bought something for the following year and tucked it away with the decorations thinking you will remember EXACTLY why you bought it?  Probably quite a bit, right?  Well, if you’ve been following along with us for any length of time, you know that I swear by having a Holiday Command Center folder.  Not only will it help to keep you organized for THIS year, but it will also get you off on the right foot for NEXT year as well.

Case in point, in December 2013, I came across these beautiful mistletoe angels at a local card store here in town.  I loved them and bought a couple as gifts for family members.  They were a bit too expensive to buy for teachers, mailman, or bosses gifts (even though it would have been an excellent gift to give them).  However, the day AFTER Christmas, I made a bee-line for the store and sure enough, they were half off!  I pretty much bought all they had and felt really good that I already had a ton of gifts checked off for next Christmas.

When I brought them home, I thought I probably should make a list of who already got one … but I didn’t.  Well, last December came around and I came across the bag and was relieved that I didn’t have to search high and low for inexpensive gifts to give but then couldn’t remember if I ONLY gave them out to family or did I include one or two to a couple of friends as well?  Uh-oh!  Well, at least I got a new job this year so I KNEW I could give them to my bosses and some friends I’ve made there so it wasn’t a total panic.  But, if I hadn’t, I would have been up a creek without a paddle as my Gram used to say. None of that would have happened though had I just taken a couple of minutes, wrote down who already got one from the year before and either tucked it in the bag with them or put it in my Holiday Command Center folder for next year. It doesn’t matter what it is … new lighting that you need to buy at the early sales next year (that you missed out on at the after-Christmas sales THIS year) … a new tradition that you heard about that you would like to try with your family next year … or, gifts that you bought for next year and who you plan on giving them to … write yourself a note … don’t rely on your memory. Trust me … you’ll be glad you did!

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