To Time Yourself or Not … THAT is the question!

Lately, I’ve been struggling with my routine.  Now, don’t get me wrong … I love a good routine as much as the next person (Wait … did you just snicker)?  Anyways … I DO love to have a good routine down pat and have tried to stick to that routine for years.  The problem is that, for some reason, I have not been able to stick to it very well lately and I just couldn’t quite figure out why.

But then just a few minutes ago as I was about to write out my To-Do list for today (along with the time and order it should be done) … I suddenly decided to get “real” with myself and realized it just wasn’t going to work out like that no matter how much I might want it to.  It suddenly dawned on me that the reason my routine has been floundering is because it is just too structured.  There is no room for “life” to happen without feeling like I am behind.

For instance … how many times has this happened to you:  You have your “To-Do” list planned out and ready to go for the day.  You’ll have this, this, that, and another thing done by 4:00, after which you will leisurely take a shower and get ready to go out toRunning around the clock dinner with your family.  But, then reality hits and your mother calls and talks to you for an hour while you were supposed to be finishing washing your windows … which, in turn, puts the timeline for the window cleaning behind … which starts to stress you out and then every little interruption for the rest of the day is like a personal attack to your sanity!  The next thing you know … the fun night out with the family is cancelled and replaced with pizza delivery because you never did get that shower and are too stressed (and tired) to have fun anyway.

Normally, the days I get behind are my days off my work.  I have grandiose expectations of what I am going to accomplish and then it usually ends up that not a lot of it got done by the end of the day.

If I had been adhering to my own advice … I would have ditched my structured and timed lists for just a plain list of what MUST be accomplished today and what I would “like” to accomplish for today added below it.  Then, just try to play a game with yourself to see how fast you can get your  MUST list chores done and then, if you still have time and energy left afterwards … start on your “like to accomplish” list and do the same thing.

You just might be surprised by how much actually DOES get done!

P.S. – Here’s a similar post I did to this one entitled, “It’s all in the list” that you might enjoy as well.

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