No motivation to clean? … It may be time to rethink your list!

yorkshire-terrier-171701__180[1]Let’s face it … if decluttering and cleaning were easy, we’d all have clean homes ALL THE TIME!  But it’s not!  It’s a lot of hard work (at least in the beginning anyway).  Sometimes, even if we have a list made, it’s really hard to get started on it.  We take a look around and it just seems like a MASSIVE amount of work to do!  It’s exhausting just thinking about it!

UH-OH, look out for the red flag …

Days that I have absolutely NO motivation to do anything around the house have become what I refer to as “red flag” days.  I know on those kind of days that if I keep trying to just “make” myself get up and clean the bathrooms, or dust all the furniture, or whatever it is on my “To-Do” list that day that … if I just keep trying to force myself to get it done … it’s probably NOT going to get done.

The solution?

Change your approach completely!  Or, in this case … your list.  Once I’ve red-flagged a day I know that I immediately have to switch my approach to my list or I’m not going to get ANYTHING done that day.  That’s when I take a break, get a pen and paper and write down every single minute thing down that I have to do that day.  For instance, instead of just listing, “clean the bathroom,” I’ll list it this way:


  • Wipe down shower walls
  • Scour the tub
  • clean inside of toilet
  • clean outside of toilet
  • wipe down mirror
  • wipe down sink
  • refill hand soap dispenser
  • refill extra toilet paper basket

I do this for every room or area that is supposed to be on my list that day … even laundry.  I just break up each area that I have to clean into small, manageable tasks that can be done in minutes.  Then, I just look at my list and tell myself … “okay, just start with one thing.”  Usually, I will pick the task that takes the least effort to accomplish but that’s okay!  When I come back to scratch that off the list … I can usually look at the rest of the list and find yet one more thing that I can accomplish in little to no time.  I then keep at this game for as long as I can.  It’s even more fun if you use a dry erase board to make your list on because then your can totally erase the chore off the list instead of just crossing it off.  This will appear to make your “To-Do” list shrink making it look much more manageable.

For me, this seems to work every time.  Do I always get EVERYTHING done on the list?  No … but that’s okay because I know I got a heck of a lot more done than I would have had I just kept telling myself to “clean the bathroom,” or “do the laundry.”  Even if you don’t get everything done and need to continue the next day … your list has been drastically shortened and you shouldn’t have too much catching up to do.

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