Limited time deal on my new book! Hurry before it goes away!

I am SUPER excited to bring to you my new book … “Lisa Organizes Life’s Ultimate Guide to Yard Sales.”

Have you had yard sales in the past that didn’t do so well to the point you just gave up on them all together?  Did you ever wonder WHY it didn’t do so well?

Before you totally give up on the idea of ever having another one I truly encourage you to read this book first.  I have covered many of the major mistakes sellers sometimes unknowingly make that prevents them from maximizing their profit potential … not to mention all the stuff they are still left with that didn’t sell.

Topics covered include:  how to easily know what to get rid of in the first place by asking yourself three simple questions … how to display and price your items so they sell quickly … advertising … safety … what to do with your leftovers, and much more!

There is even a section included for the buyer with tips on negotiating and haggling as well as other tips to help them get the most bang for their buck!

And right now, for a limited time … if you buy the print version of the book, you can get the Kindle version absolutely FREE as a thank you from me.  Not interested in the print version?  The Kindle version is available for purchase on its own at a discounted price as well.

Interested? … Just click on the book above to get started!





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