Christmas (preparedness) in July!

Christmas in July PicAs you read the title of this post, you probably were thinking to yourself … “OH NO … not another blogger posting something about “Christmas in July” … as if we don’t rush the seasons enough!  Next thing you know, Christmas in July will be an ACTUAL holiday!”

Okay … I know, I know … it does get tiring hearing about Christmas in July (especially if you’ve got your feet buried in the sand somewhere).  But, think back to LAST Christmas for a minute.  Were you at ease or were you frazzled?  Were you broke or did you have a solid budget planned and stuck to it?  Was your house cleaned and organized?  Were you able to spend time just chillin’ with your family or was it a hectic … go-go-go during the entire month?  Were you sad when January rolled around or were you happy it was all finally over?

With a little bit of planning, you can breeze through the holidays, cool, calm and collected. 

That is what we aim to do during the next 5 months leading up to Christmas … we will plan.  Plan our time, our budget, our cleaning and organizing, our cooking and baking, and even plan some fun stuff to do as a family instead of hopping from party to party just because we got an invite!  Don’t let yourself be pressured into accepting countless invitations just because you don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings.  If that person or family really IS important to you … maybe start a tradition of visiting each other’s house in January after all the hustle and bustle is over and you can actually relax and enjoy each other’s company.

I’m putting together a calendar to give you an easy visual of what is coming up next each week.  It’s not quite finished yet, but to get us started off right … let’s work on those Christmas budgets!  Did you open up a Christmas Club in January?  How’s it going?  Not so good?  You still have quite a bit of summer left … why not plan a yard sale!  See the Yard Sale section on this site for tips to help you with this from collection to donating your leftovers (and everything in between).  Cash in on some old, dead clutter that’s taking up space in your house.  You will have to deal with it anyway in December when company is coming … why not deal with it right now by eliminating it (and the December headache that usually goes with it)?

If you know money is going to be tight for you this Christmas, what are some other ways (besides a yard sale) can you think of to generate some Christmas cash now?

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