Encouragement for a joyful (but stressful) time of year …


I can’t even believe that holiday time is upon us already!  Are you ready for it?  I know I’m not.

Over the next two months your days will probably be filled with food, family and fun … along with stress, tight finances and even tighter schedules than normal.  It can all be too much and end up making you feel miserable and depressed.  Plus, if you’ve lost loved ones this year it can also be a time of incredible heartbreak.

So how do you cope with it all?  By taking it one day at a time.  Do what you can each day knowing that YOU did your best.  Are your finances tight this year?  Read my post 61-ways-give-spirit-christmas-season-long for ideas on low to no-cost gift ideas for inspiration.  Is your house a mess and you have NO idea how to get it cleaned up in time when you work full time, have running around to do with the kids, dinner to put on the table each night, and a never-ending pile of laundry to do each day?  Then the post, A Crunch-Time Guide to Getting the House Company Ready may be just what you need to give you direction and encouragement to handle it all.  However, if you ARE able to devote more time to cleaning and decorating your house but just have no clue where to start, Getting started when you don’t know how or where to begin will set you on the right path.

Cleaning your house and doing all the holiday prep doesn’t have to be all a bunch of strung-together mundane tasks that you have to set aside time to do each day.  Make it less painful by doing some of them while watching your favorite shows.  For ideas on tasks that can easily be done while watching TV but have a big impact on your To-Do list, check out my TV Watching Activity List … scroll toward the bottom to see ideas specific to Christmas.

Above all else, do what you can to make this a less-stressful time of year for yourself.  Listen to some relaxing music, pick up a book of encouraging daily devotions, pamper yourself with a bubble bath, plan some fun family activities, etc.  The cleaning and decluttering will always be there … but we and our family members may not.  This is the time of year for making wonderful memories and not for sweating the small stuff … and as the book says, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff (and it’s all small stuff).

Have a wonderful and joyous season ahead everyone and remember … if you EVER need any help with all the daily STUFF of life, we are always here to help.  You can reach out to us either here or on our Facebook page.

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