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Wonder what I look like?  Well, here you go.  Below is the result of my first attempt at a “selfie” that I needed to take for an identification card.  Surprisingly I didn’t hate it!  Do you absolutely LOVE how perfect my make-up is in the pic below?  Don’t hate me cause I’m beautiful … it’s a sham.  I found an app called YouCam Make-up.  It’s AWESOME!  Especially for people like me that hate to wear make-up … until they see a picture of what they look without it.  If you’ve got photos of yourself on your computer or your phone that you love except for the fact that you have no make-up on … give it a try!

Lisa Ranone Ettore

So what brought you here?  A closet or two (or a room or two) that desperately needs help?  Could it be your whole house needs help?  Or maybe it’s because you need ideas on how to ENLIST help from those that live with you?  Are you able to open your front door with pride when the doorbell rings or is there a moment of sheer and utter terror that pierces your heart?

Whatever the reason, you are in the right place!

I grew up in the small town of Washington, Pennsylvania with my mom, dad, and older brother.  My mom was “old school” and taught me how to clean PERFECTLY!  No feather dusters or mops in that house!  No sir-ee!  When the dusting needed done it was with furniture polish and a rag.  When the floors needed washed … drop and give me two!  Two hands and two knees, that is!  When Spring Cleaning time came around I just wanted to run and hibernate till it was safe to come out because EVERYTHING needed wiped down with Murphy’s Oil Soap.  Needless to say, I was NOT a huge fan of cleaning OR organizing back then.  I tell you this to let you know that not all passionate organizers are born that way.  I know this girl sure wasn’t.

A star is born!

A star is born!

When it came time to graduate from high school, I really had NO CLUE what I wanted to be other than a famous singer.  Wait … did you just snicker?  Only problem was that I was too much of a wuss to risk it all and hop on a bus to “make it in a city that never sleeps.”  So instead, I went the sensible route.  I enrolled in a 2 year secretarial school where I graduated on the Dean’s List and got hired right after graduation.  I then found a great guy, got married, started having kids (2) and became a full time stay-at-home mom.


Ask me what I do all day ... I dare youI was really grateful to be able to stay home with my kids when they were little.  However, it was also around this time that my relaxed attitude toward cleaning and organizing started to show it’s flaws … BIG TIME!  Our house was constantly in disarray no matter how hard I tried to keep it cleaned.  It seemed like any time anyone called me on the phone and asked what I was doing, I’d say “oh .. just cleaning.”  When I would tell that to my mother she would then reply … “you know, for someone who is always cleaning, how come your house is always a mess?”  Grrrrrrrr.  Gotta love our moms right???

House too messy to let company in

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Well, once the kids went to school, I thought I’d be able to get a handle on the house.  But no.  If I’m honest I guess I could say that a large part of it came from laziness when it came to housework because I STILL didn’t actually LIKE to clean.  Maybe it was because of the way I was taught to clean.  The “right” way or the highway!  The only problem is that I was no longer a kid living at home with my parents.  I was a full grown woman with a house and family of my own to take care of and daggonit … having a messy and disorganized house was just no longer acceptable to me!  I got REALLY tired of never being able to find things and I can’t tell you the amount of heart attacks I almost had when MY doorbell would ring … especially when I’d look out and see it was my mother-in-law.

It was around that time that I vowed to find a way or rather a “system” of cleaning that worked for me.  I bought every magazine I came across at check out lines that had organizing articles listed on the cover … I went to the library and checked out books … I started watching cleaning shows like “CleanSweep” and “Clean House.”  I was looking for that “perfect” organizing plan that would answer all my prayers.  Guess what?  I didn’t find it.  What I did find was little tidbits here and there that I thought WOULD work for me and I started implementing those into my day-to-day housekeeping.

Now here is the really mind blowing part … I found I actually loved it!  REALLY … REALLY loved it!  Not so much the actual cleaning … I mean seriously … who is going to get all that excited over cleaning?  But RESEARCHING different cleaning and organizing systems was a lot of fun for me!  I never missed an episode of my favorite cleaning shows on TV … I would get as deliriously giddy upon coming across a new organizing book as some women do over the latest release of a new red-hot steamy romance novel.  From all that research I WAS able to put together a system that worked for me.

Find your gift and give it away

Fast forward to today.  I still love researching new organizing techniques, but now I also have a love for sharing that passion with others.  I love, love, LOVE IT when I can help someone else out who is struggling with household organization just like I once did.

So are you ready to get organized and have some fun while doing it?  Then you have come to the right place my friend!

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Blessings to ya!